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Date Wizard  is an application that automatically computes difference between any two dates. We are always busy in work need readily calculated days difference while a project manager wanted to know how many days has been given from the proposal of the project and the project delivery date. Here, the difference in month is still possible to calculate looking onto the calendar but beyond that it is difficult, while in between he has to deduct the number of weekends. Sometimes some organization do work on the Saturday. Considering all those factor "Date Wizard" provides excellent service to those project managers providing flexible way to calculate dates while the application takes care of deductible days.

This application provides differences in dates based on the "Date One". Therefore, user has been given option to edit the Date One, by tapping right side of the Date One: label, i.e. Sat, Oct 2, 2010 on the screen.

Date Wizard makes life easy by automatically calculating the number of days, weekends, or sundays between any two dates. This application not only provides the calculated dates with possible deductible days option (e.g None, Custom, Saturday + Sunday, Sunday) but also keeps this option remembered for the user before the application is actually terminated. The option custom enables user to add any further deductible days while the natural weekdays are calculated in the list.

Date Wizard is actually very light weighted application. Most of the cases only calculation of dates in days is not sufficient. Lets consider a Product Delivery Manager; He handles more than one product and he also has to keep track of days differences and keeping track of all those essential dates. Date Wizard gives a viable way to flag those essential dates and keeps note that he can track those days in future.
Tap on the "Date One:" or "Date Two:" label to avail this facility on the main screen.

Date Wizard provides a wonderful text view editor for reading notes. Keeping notes is not sufficient if someone cannot read it in a comfortable text view editor.

Wizard provides list of "Essential Dates" that has been flagged by the user. The facility given to the user to set the essential dates to the base date i.e. Date 1 or Date 2. User can delete their note, if any particular date is no longer useful.

Complete descriptive help has provided for quick references.





... And many more usability. When you use it, you discover!!
Now it is free. Easily downloadable from google android market.