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Geo Note  is an application that facilitates tourist to add their notes as they are travelling around the world . While we travel from one place to another place, rarely we get a chance to open up our diary from the backpack or we tend to forget the place information as we keep on moving forward. Geo Notes follows you and it gives you chance to make note of all important essentials that you gather in the form of easy handy note facility with automatic location designated.

This application provides toggling facilities to view as map or as sattelite view. Adding notes to the particular location that user wants to keep. The application also provides the facility to search any location and an option to keep notes against that particular place.

GeoNote provides ways to add note to the present position and also from the searched location, tagging with location name. User can also toggle to the text views by clicking onto the "T" icon on the top left.




Geo Note maintains and provides the list of stored notes to the user. User can perform several operation while selecting the particular note from the list. Selection of the particular notes provides 3 different options to the user. Such as, to edit the note, to locate back the locaiton on the map and easy way of deletion of the particular note.



... And many more usability. When you use it, you discover!!
Now it is free. Easily downloadable from google android market.