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You- Shop: App learns as you shop

Shop-You has built-in intelligence to analyze and learn user shopping behavior. The following are the list of features that improve usability based on the intelligence.

You-Shop provides following important actionables in this screen:

Aisle Ordering
Won't it be helpful if the shopping cart is displayed in the order of items appear in your store. This will elevate your shopping experience as you can checkout the item easily as you walk down the aisle instead of needing to scroll through your cart every time you see an item. And won't it be magical if you did not have to manually input the order for the shop, instead the app automatically figures it out. Guess what, You-shop can automatically determine the items order in the aisle by analyzing the checkout pattern. As user continues to shop in the store, the app learns the relative order of various items over time. It is important for the user to "uncheckout" an item by fling action from left to right if there are items in the cart that you decide not to purchase. This will ensure that the order of the uncheckout item is also available to the app. Since the intellegence is built on history, if you have new items in the cart that you have not purchased before, the app will not be able to predict its order.

Pricing Hint
The app requests the user to provide the price for items, so that it can accurately display the total expense. But if you have not provided that, the tool analyzes the price of the item based on your previous purchases and provides a hint. This will help in giving a ballpark estimate and allows the user to get a realistic expense. The user always has the option to add the exact pricing for that item for that particular store visit. It is recommended to do that for the first few times that item is bought, so that the price pattern can be analyzed by the app.

Shopping History
The app stores statistics that help the user to understand his/her shopping pattern. This information helps user to set and analysis their monthly shopping budget. You-Shop provides following information:

  • Last Modified Date: Date on which wishlist/cart was update
  • Last Shopping Date: Date on which cart was used for shopping
  • Shopping Visits: Number of times the cart was used and shopping finished ("Done" button indicates a completion of a shopping visit)
  • Average Items per Visit: Over the time, the number of items bought per shopping visit
  • Average Spent per Visit: Over the time, the amount spent per shopping visit. The amount spent will depend on the user providing the pricing of items in the cart for each shopping visit.