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You- Shop: WishList Screen

This Screen is for maintaining a wishlist of items that you would like to purchase. When you decide the vairety of item that you require to shop and you list down all those item with the help of Wish List.

You-Shop provides following important actionables in this screen:

Editing Quantity
After adding item from the Master List or Appending a new item, edit required quantity by tapping on plus button or minus button. Plus Button would help to add item quantity by one and minus button would negate by one. Only Non-Zero item would transfer to Cart.

Multiple sorting of items
The app allows the user to sort the items in the cart in various order

  • A-Z The items will be sorted in alphabetical order.
  • User The items will be sorted in the order in which the user had arranged in the wishlist. Usually this is the order in which user may store the items at his/her home.

Rearranging items in the List
The items can be rearranged as user wants by long tapping on the row desired to the destined row by short tapping in the list.


Adding Item to Cart
After adding item from the Master List or Appending a new item, user need to edit the reuquired quantity added to the items. By tapping or clicking on WL2Cart button all the items will be transfared to Cart for Shopping.


... And many more usability. When you use it, you discover!!
Now it is free. Easily downloadable from google android market.