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You-Shop You- Shop

You-Shop is an Android application that manages your shopping-lists with built-in intelligence to assist your shopping. .

Shopping Cart

Checkout items, view total amount spent, review prices. Sort the cart as per aisle, alphabetical or user order. And many more features...

Wish List

Maintain a wishlist for shopping when you are at home. Add items to wishlist from masterlist. And many more features...

Master List

App comes with a prepopulated master-list of hundreds of common household items. User can search it by category or name and add it to the cart or wishlist. And many more features...

Shopping List

Add and maintain shopping lists for different purposes like weekly groceries, gardening needs, party supplies etc. Each shopping list contains cart and wishlist. And many more features ...

Learn as you shop

Shop-You has built-in intellegence to analyze and learn user shopping behavior. Based on the past history of checking-out items in a cart, the app can predict the order in which items are placed in an aisle in a store. And many more features ...

Easy of use

Shop-You supports gestures to navigate to the previous page, delete an item from a list, rearrange items of a list. It also provides a customized help for each screen of the app. And many more features ...


... And many more usability. When you use it, you discover!!
Now it is free. Easily downloadable from google android market.